An introduction to Hippie Culture

Hippie is defined by yours truly as a hip person of infinite love and positive energy. A hippie is about change and equality. You can choose to adopt any amount of hippie culture, but nonetheless, all paths connect. I encourage you to wikipedia hippie: we date back to the beginning of mankind and influenced some of the greatest minds. It took me a week of research to … Continue reading An introduction to Hippie Culture

An open letter: to my previous band mates

It’s been 2 years since I left the band. We started off as immediate friends, became best friends, and eventually family. We accomplished a lot in a short period of time. Mostly because we trusted each other to achieve goals and push our boundaries. I think about you guys from time to time, those years on the road together were some of my favourite memories. I … Continue reading An open letter: to my previous band mates

Is your resume online? The calls to expect.

I have done tons of jobs in my lifetime, most of them were found word of mouth or recommended by a friend. I have the best job(s) in the world, I do what I love: music, writing, and recently publishing. I often pick up seasonal work to fund trips or projects, I don’t always get grants for my music and often need to front the … Continue reading Is your resume online? The calls to expect.

Love Manifestation: A true story

I have made more friends this year than in my entire life combined. I feel so loved, and so comfortable around these new friends, its as if we’ve been best friends all our lives. We all feel there is a lifetime friendship and we often talk about settling somewhere 30 years from now together. My new friends have the most beautiful relationships with their partners. … Continue reading Love Manifestation: A true story

Home is where the HEART is

I grew up in a small mining town. I moved to the biggest city in Canada to experience diversity. I didn’t feel home in either place so I started to travel. The more I traveled, the more I felt closer to finding home. One day my heart jumped out of my chest and said: we’re home! I think there’s a lot of advantages to traveling, … Continue reading Home is where the HEART is

Inspiration from a dropout

The old me wanted to be a millionaire in my 20’s, big house, fancy car, hot wife, super buff body, hot shot friends, you get the drill. I was working out at the gym a lot and getting into bars under age. I drove a mustang convertible, wore designer clothes and always attracted the wrong attention. When it came to meeting women, I didn’t hesitate, … Continue reading Inspiration from a dropout